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Ethics represent one of the main values in the Indcresa’s culture. The company’s Code of Conduct is created with the aim to highlight the principles of conduct underlying its performance and which will govern the activities of all employees and directors. Likewise, Indcresa expects that those companies to which it relates apply values and conducts in line with its Code of Conduct.

Since its approval in 2012, the Code of Conduct provides the guidelines that should guide all employees and directors while carrying out their jobs, regardless of their position or the place where they perform their activities.

By means of this Code, Indcresa also commits to comply with internationally recognized ethical, social and environmental standards, such as the ILO Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the United Nations Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

The Code addresses, among other issues, the following:

1) Ethics and Integrity in business.
2) Food Quality and Safety.
3) Working Conditions.
4) Respect for the Environment.

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Ethics Committee

In June 2012, Indcresa’s Board of Directors set up the Ethics Committee in order to disseminate the Code’s principles of conduct to all our employees, suppliers and contractors’ behavior, as well as to perform the monitoring tasks related to the compliance with the Code’s principles.

The Ethics Committee is also responsible for the continuous improvement of the Code, carrying out a periodic revision and introducing changes whenever it is considered appropriate.

In addition, this Committee meets on a regular basis in order to discuss, among other issues, the monitoring of notifications regarding possible breaches of the Code or the doubts that its implementation or interpretation may arise.

Communication Channels with the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee has a confidential channel through which anyone can send their inquiries or communications. This channel allows employees and any third party sending their queries regarding the Code of Conduct, as well as to inform about possible breaches of the Code, all with complete confidentiality.

It is expected of those who access this communication channel, to previously assess the significance of the issues they wish to forward.

Indcresa will not admit any kind of retaliation against employees who, in good faith, communicate suspected breaches of the Code and will penalize, in accordance with existing labor laws, those breaches which constitute labor violations, irrespective of other responsibilities that might concur.

Communications to the Ethics Committee:
C/ Albert Einstein, 27 - Pol. Ind. Sta. Margarita II - 08223 TERRASSA (Barcelona) - SPAIN
Tel. (34) 93 736 23 70 - Fax (34) 93 736 23 71
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